Dance Floor Destructor

n. 1. A tall woman with acerbic wit and Arcade Fire fanatic. Prone to short, temperamental/emotional outbursts and politically charged diatribes.
2. Informal: A pouting, pierced & dyed femme. Big smiles, beautiful brown eyes, and an excess of RED LIPSTICK.
3. Slang: A woman unafraid of being herself. For the most part.
Synonyms: woman, intelligent, discontent, FUNNY, affectionate, moody, girly, abnormal, tall, pierced, unique, lovely, emotional, sappy, passionate, silly, happy, elated, insomniac, friendly, fidgety, clumsy, geeky, nerdy, awesome.
Distinguishing Characteristics: (faux) violet eyes, glossy, red lips, big holes through her earlobes, romantic eyes, crayola colored eyeshadow, ridiculously child-like giggle, RETRO.
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